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The low-level laser therapy is an alternative method of treatment where the injured body part is exposed to lasers of low intensity, which stimulate the cells and tissues and quicken the healing process. Applied by a special laser beam generator, the affected body part is exposed to the low-intensity laser, which produces photo energy. This is transformed into biomechanical energy and the cumulative effect after subsequent sessions at set intervals restores the normal functioning of the cells. Low-level laser therapy causes an enhanced activation of the mitochondria in the cells, which restores the normal functioning of cells and the increased blood circulation to the area also quickens the healing process. Low-level therapy is a safe, therapeutic, treatment method that is able to stimulate cell growth and tissue repair with minimal side effects. Given the low intensity of the laser, it is safe for exposed skin and there is thus no harm in using low-level laser therapy for regular treatment sessions. What makes the low-level laser treatment beneficial and also very popular is the quick initiation of healing, alleviation of pain, inflammation, restoration of body functioning without use of pain medication or effects on the already normally functioning cells.

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Low-level laser therapy is used for:

  • Inflammatory conditions of the tissues such as bursitis, tendonitis, myositis, sinovitis, fasciitis, and more.

  • ​Tissue repair for ligament strains, sprains, burns, wounds, bed sores, ulcers, muscle tears, sports injuries, and lacerations.

  • ​Joint pains such as arthritis, rheumatic pain, joint pain like ankle, shoulder, hip, and knee, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatic pain.

  • ​Acute and chronic pain control for back, rheumatoid arthritis, calcification, tendonitis, head and neck injuries, vertebrogenic and discogenic radiculopathy and neuralgia.​​

  • Skin lesions like diabetic ulcers, acne, and dermatological problems.

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