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Kinesiotape alleviates discomfort and facilitates lymphatic drainage by minimally lifting the skin and increasing space allowing decreased pressure, decreased inflammation, and increased flow of lymphatic fluid in and out of the treatment area. A clinical evaluation will determine how the Kinesiotape will be applied. There are multiple ways the tape can be applied including single “I” strips or various “X”, “Y” or other particular shapes that stretch the target area and allow for re-education of the neuromuscular system, reduction in inflammation, prevention of injury, and promotion of healthy circulation and healing to return the body to a balanced state.

The Kinesiotaping method is a rehabilitation taping technique facilitating an individual’s healing. This technique provides stabilization, support, and soft tissue manipulation to any joint, muscle, or tendon affected to continue the benefits of rehab after walking out of their PT session. Kinesiotape is safe for all ages and successfully treats neurological, orthopedic, and physiological diagnoses. Kinesiotaping method offers support to the area affected while also continuing rehab in the comfort of the patient’s home.


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